Chatting about ChatGPT: AI & Higher Ed

Join us for a blend of comments from a panel of faculty plus open discussion to explore the uses of chatbot programs , inspired (?) in part by the explosion of attention brought on by chatGPT’s sudden emergence into many aspects of our lives, including higher ed. Trying to build...

Radical Playfulness

Jan. 26, 2023

Play and playfulness often get pushed to the margins of life after we leave childhood, leading to an overly serious and rigid existence. Within academia, as in life, this can lead to dullness, burnout, loss of passion and purpose, and deviation from our true selves. Play can be the key...

Adjunctification Journal Launch

Tuesday, November 29 @ 3:30pm MT Join co-editors-in-chief and members of the editorial board as we launch a new open resource, cross- disciplinary, peer-reviewed journal. A partnership between ThinqStudio, the EdD Higher Education concentration, and the University of Colorado Denver Association of Lecturers and Instructors (UCDALI), Adjunctification will include research...

Tiny Innovations: A Hybrid Unconference

April 15, 2022

Join us in exploring and sharing little things that can be impactful in small but valuable, and often fun, ways. This will be a hybrid event. We will be hosting (with food) in the City Heights building on campus as well as a virtual option


Oct. 15, 2021

Professors at Play comprises a community of over 700 teachers from all over the world. The spark that ignites this community is a core belief that play can transform how we teach, making education more effective. Find out more here!

ThinqStudio Presents: Re-envisioning Academia with Playful Minds and Joyful Hearts

Feb. 16, 2021

Calling all dreamers, innovators, and thinq-outside-of-the-boxers to pause and reflect on the standard practices of academia. Let's dare to dream beyond our current reality.