OASIS—ThinqStudio UnConference 2023

OASIS! Opportunities Await for Support, Imagination, and Solace

Picture of an oasis at night

An OASIS is a pleasant or peaceful area in the midst of a difficult place or situation. Let ThinqStudio's 2023 Unconference be YOUR OASIS on Friday April 21.

Join us for rejuvenating conversation and replenishing nourishment as we reflect on and reclaim the joy in our work as educators. As faculty, we often find ourselves in difficult places and situations that require us to drastically adjust our priorities, workload, and strategies. Everyday our actions reflect our resilience and tireless efforts to approach our work as faculty in creative, caring, and inclusive ways—often with too few resources and too little support.

Everyone is welcome to the OASIS for all or parts of the morning, lunch, and afternoon conversations—plus prizes!

  • During the morning session we will explore and share our collective approaches to pursuing the academic work we care about while managing demands that sometimes feel at odds with or counter-supportive of our student-centered goals.


  • During the afternoon session, we invite all faculty to share your interests and to find out more about ThinqStudio, the ThinqStudio programs and initiatives available to support you and your work, plus up-coming opportunities to become more involved in the ThinqStudio community.

CU Denver Learning Commons 3rd Floor, 1191 Larimer St, Denver, CO, USA   Map

Friday, April 21, 2023, 9:00-2:30 MDT. Register here: OASIS 2023   Contact: ThinqStudio@ucdenver.edu