Chatting about ChatGPT: AI & Higher Ed

Join us for a blend of comments from a panel of faculty plus open discussion to explore the uses of chatbot programs, inspired (?) in part by the explosion of attention brought on by chatGPT’s sudden emergence into many aspects of our lives, including higher ed. Trying to build walls around this challenge won’t do us or our students any good. How we can innovate positively in both policy and pedagogy?

Faculty Panel:
Joanne Addison, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Ashis Biswas, College of Engineering, Design, and Computing
Drew Bixby, CU Denver Writing Center
TBD, School of Education and Human Development
Cameron Blevins, Facilitator, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Co-sponsored by ThinqStudio and TIPS (Teaching Innovation & Program Strategy), and organized by Cameron Blevens, ThinqStudio Faculty Fellow.

Tuesday, February 7, 9:00-10:00 (MST)—3rd floor of the Learning Commons with Refreshments or on Zoom

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