Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk—Workshop

Scrabble deck spelling out Learning

Inquiry-based learning, student choice, and real world application in the higher ed classroom

As a teacher-educator, I believe we must teach in the powerful, meaningful, student-centered ways we want our own teachers to teach.

In other words, we must not only “talk the talk,” but more importantly, “walk the walk.”

In this workshop, we’ll discuss inquiry-based learning, student choice, and real-world application as aspects of university classes. I will present a framework for building these components into a class (regardless of the subject matter) and describe how we re-designed an MA-level education course based on this framework.

Join Sofia Chaparro and ThinqStudio for re-Thinqing your course designs. Participants are encouraged to bring a syllabus of their own to engage in their own thinking & re-designing. 

Lunch and great conversation—3rd floor of the Learning Commons

Friday, September 22, 2023, 12:00-1:30. Register here: ThinqStudio   Contact: