ThinqStudio’s 7th Annual Unconference

Examining Dominant Narratives in Academia:

Privileging Community Knowledge to Begin to Build Transformative Practices

Dr. Travis Heath photo

The 2024 ThinqStudio Unconference will host Dr. Travis Heath as the event’s “un”keynote. He will guide a discussion and exploration of potentially harmful and limiting narratives in academia. Unconference participants will use community knowledge to move counter-ideas and philosophies into practices to begin to reimagine what might be possible in the classroom and beyond.

“Un”keynote: Dr. Travis Heath - Department Chair and Associate Professor of the Counseling and School Psychology Program at San Diego State University. Dr. Heath is a licensed psychologist and has been in community practice for nearly two decades. His scholarship has included looking at shifting from a multicultural approach to counseling to one of cultural democracy that invites people to heal in mediums that are culturally near. Some of his other writings have focused on the use of rap music in narrative therapy, working with persons entangled in the criminal injustice system in ways that maintain their dignity, and narrative practice stories as pedagogy. He is co-author, with David Epston and Tom Carlson, of the first book on Contemporary Narrative Therapy released in June 2022, Reimagining Narrative Therapy Through Practice Stories and Autoethnography. Check out his Ted Talk!

Date: March 8th, 2024

Location: 3rd Floor Learning Commons

Time: 9:00-2:00  (morning snacks & lunch provided!)

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Co-sponsored by CU Denver’s ThinqStudio, School of Education & Human Development, & Chancellor’s Office